Unlike the free WordPress themes, Premium themes already have the necessary plugins and widgets installed such as Social Media plugins, why is wordpress so slow – https://en.papawp.org – RSS feed for optimization and multimedia functionality to embed video and audio which saves resources to buy or build from scratch some of these features not available for sale. As characteristic of the business world, developers who build Premium themes code them with such superiority in terms of the aesthetic features and back-end functionality so that they can have an edge over their competition.

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  • There’s a free version and an affordable paid version
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The item support covers any kind of issues related to bug errors, assistance with 3rd party assets, answering any technical questions related to item’s features. On the other hand free WordPress themes don’t offer such a personalized support system and instead buyers have to look out for forums discussing topics aligned to their choice of theme where they can interact or ask questions. And last but not the least Premium WordPress theme buyers have the opportunity to select themes according to their specific need or type of industry unlike free themes which are built with a more generalized approach to the design work.

Restrict all types of WordPress content to specific user types. Most WordPress premium developers also have in place a 24 hour support system where they offer an email/ticketing system to customers. Elif lite with its two main blog layouts, custom sidebar positions, unlimited color styles and custom background support is ready to be used for your WordPress fashion blog website. We are always seeking to providing best support and responding as soon as possible to your queries.

I know there are lots of other people doing this but generally I have had good feedback for the posts I have already done in this genre and information is often picked off randomly on the internet so it’s down to people that come across my stuff and whether they find it useful or not.

They’re good but not for what we’re creating here. WordPress is one of the most popular choices for creating a website for many. There you can see thousands of free WordPress themes which you can install on your website. This reply was modified 5 months, 1 week ago by Shark Themes.