One day, not long ago, I was in a strange state … I noticed my progress but I could not see them, I felt my growth, but the mirror denied it to me. That day I decided it was time to take the helm of my lugre, it was time to write new and decisive chapters of my life.

I started to thread an idea … new to me but very common among the community that I adore and to which I belong. That idea was simple if you want to work at the highest level,

and you only have to consider projects at the highest level. And with that premise was born this project that I have baptized as



During the week of preparation of this project I have reached several conclusions, one of them is that a good team is the one that supports you and only adds up, when you get that .. Amazing!

I want to thank the piece of professionals that surround me:

MONSALVE | Filmmaker | Your vision, dedication and technique are essential in our team.

ALEX TORREGROSA | Stylist | Magic, surprise and above all good taste go hand in hand with this crack.

KAROLINE | Make-up artist | Youth, self-confidence and elegance are the strengths of this girl who will arrive where she proposes.

LAURA AMORES | Make-up artist | Undoubtedly, experience and sensitivity through their work provide us with a plus.

REME AMAT | Hairdresser | Wisdom, originality, resolution and vision are some of the qualities of this SUV.

Thanks to international models: Fay Ezzat (Dubai) and Susana (Mex / Spa)

for taking the session to unexpected fees.

Of course, thank you very much to the store Santa Barbara Store for the huge amount that gave us clothes to make the shooting looks.

Going together is to start, to stay together is to grow, working together is triumph.

Only one thing converts

In impossible a dream:

the fear of failing